Well, it is now 11 pm on Monday 5th April and it is 7 whole days (give or take a few minutes) since I last self-harmed by cutting myself. Yay for me!

The last time I self-harmed I was actually a patient on a…

Life is often hell! I tried to kill myself at the end of March. Was taken into hospital by the police.

Tired of articles like this from people who have no idea of how bad one's life is that you contemplate suicide!

"I don’t know how depression looks like. I don’t know how it feels. I didn’t think about it unless my friend commit suicide." Yes, you only think about it when it inconveniences your privileged little bubble of a life!

– Decouvertes

Photo by Evan Dennis on Unsplash

I found these questions on Pinterest (the magical place — and frequently rabbit hole — where you can literally find anything).
I want to write something more about me and you should do it too!
Write your answers in the comment section below:


Look out the window at the crowded streets below
Seems everybody has someplace to go.
Look in the mirror with far away eyes
Cry in silence at a wasted life.

Do you believe when I tell you
That lonely is the hardest.
Do you believe when I tell you
That lonely is the…

Cal Desmond-Pearson

Camerado—Social Change—Mad/CripPunk—Hookland—AnarchoMutual Aid—Psychogeography—PunkMonk—Ukes--Kites--Zines—Snail Mail—OU—Thanatology—Queer/Non-Binary

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